How much noise can you take?

Breaking news: new flight paths over Ealing Borough from 2022. Up to 25 loud low-flying planes arriving per hour. First arrivals before 6am, continuing until late evening. Noise and pollution would have huge impact. An extra 25,000 flights a year even without a third Heathrow runway.

Heathrow expansion is coming to our neighbourhood, and sooner than you think. Even without a third runway, Heathrow is planning to route arrival flights over parts of Ealing & Acton that have never previously been overflown. They will do this in just three years time. The increase in aircraft noise will be dramatic – affecting our peace and quiet, disturbing our sleep, and disrupting our work and our children’s schooling.

We are campaigning to stop this – but need your help. It won’t take long, and there are lots of things you can do. So read on to see how you can join the fight against increased aircraft noise.

Why should I be worried?

If you’ve lived in West London for long, you’ll know of the impact Heathrow has on our local communities. Noise, pollution, traffic congestion and climate issues all make for an uneasy relationship with our airport neighbour. But there are benefits from having a major employer in the area. It seems that for most of us, the level of disruption is just about acceptable.

All this is likely to change. Even without a third runway, Heathrow wants to change its approach paths so that some arrival flights will be routed over Ealing & Acton. This will mean:

  • Up to 25 flights directly over our heads between 05:50 and 06:50 am. This is one plane every two or three minutes
  • A possible 40 further low-flying arrival flights a day after 7:00 am, with continuing noise and disruption well into the evening
  • Very high noise levels, likely to wake most people up

If you don’t think this will affect your quality of life, visit Syon Park to experience how noisy these planes are on final approach.

What happens next?

After a lengthy public relations campaign by Heathrow, parliament has voted in favour of airport expansion. But this is only the beginning of the approval process. Heathrow must now submit a planning application before it can proceed. It must also consult with us, its local neighbours, on the impact its plans will have on our communities. You can find information on expansion here, and on consultation here.

All of this is very controversial. Heathrow has already been challenged in court, with more legal challenge on its way. And of course, all of this is taking place as we become more aware of the implications of climate change and our response to it.

How can I help?

Lobby your representatives. There will be an election soon. Write, email, phone or tweet your prospective parliamentary candidates to pledge to oppose Heathrow Expansion. Remind them of our Climate Emergency, and the UK’s commitment to net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Spread the word. We may all be affected by Heathrow’s proposals, so tell your friends, neighbours, work colleagues and social media contacts. Sign up to our social media. See our facts and figures page here, if you’d like to strengthen your arguments. Help spread the word.

Write to our decision makers. Many of our elected representatives are sympathetic – write to them in support so that they know we’re still campaigning. Others need help to reach the right decision – write to them politely to voice your objections. Find out more here.

Sign the petition against expansion. The UK Parliament has declared a climate emergency, so should cancel further expansion at Heathrow. Sign the petition here.

Complain directly to Heathrow. Don’t let them get complacent about noise – if early, late or particularly noisy planes disturb you, complain directly to Heathrow on 0800 344844.

Join and support other campaigning organisations. There are lots of campaigns determined to stop Heathrow expansion. Some of them represent local communities, others are more concerned about the impact of aviation on climate. All of them are committed to stop further expansion. Support our friends in this fight – there’s lots more information here.

Give us a hand. Last but not least, we need help too. If you like leafleting, let us know. If you have writing or other skills, please get in touch. If you are part of a local association, point them at us. Use the contact form here to get in touch with us.

And lastly

Thank you for reading this far. If you’d like to know more about us, who we are, and why we are so determined to stop Heathrow expansion affecting our community, click here.

Our campaign against future low-flying aircraft noise over Ealing is supported by Ealing Aircraft Noise Action Group. EANAG have been resolutely representing Ealing’s interests for over thirty years now. They deserve a big thank you for all their help then and now. You can find out more about EANAG here.