Heathrow Airport Ltd – Land Referencing Questionnaire

Wakeup Ealing has recently received a formal-looking letter from Heathrow Airport Ltd containing a Land Referencing Questionnaire. This has indeed confirmed our fears that Heathrow Expansion is coming to Ealing. However, instead of binning it straight away, we looked for advice and information on what others have done with this letter.

What is the questionnaire for?

The Land Interest Questionnaire has been designed to elicit information from landowners who may be affected by expansion. The airport say they require this in order to comply with their statutory obligations to identify people and organisations with a legal interest in property or land. They also say that they will use this information for the purpose of compiling a Book of Reference which apparently anyone will be able to see.

How should I respond?

There is varying advice from organisations on whether you should complete this form or not.  Hillingdon, Richmond and Spelthorne councils are non-committal about completing such forms. Iver Parish Council has strongly urged its residents in the past not to fill in and return the questionnaire, as has West Windsor Residents Association.

Of the anti-expansion organisations, Hacan is also non-committal, whilst Stop Heathrow Expansion is very much against complying with Heathrow’s wishes. They have a lengthy article from October 2018 accusing the airport of harassment, which makes interesting reading.

In conclusion

Here at Wakeup Ealing, we feel that the best advice is that offered by West London Friends of the Earth – that there is no legal obligation on householders to return their forms, and probably no benefit to them doing so. There is certainly no hurry to do so. Friends of the Earth explain their reasoning here.

However, we do rather sympathize with the feelings of this Windsor resident here.

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