Newsletter – September 2019

Dear fellow campaigner,

It is only a few short months since a chance encounter between neighbours in a peaceful Ealing street alerted us to the threat of noise, pollution and safety from planes overflying the borough.

A visit to Heathrow’s Airspace and Future Operations Consultation confirmed our fears – that Heathrow planned to introduce new flight paths over Ealing & Acton even without a third runway. We could expect up to twenty flights an hour, starting before 6 in the morning – loud enough to wake us all up. We strongly object to having this horror imposed on our peaceful neighbourhood.

Wakeup Ealing has been hugely active since then. We have leafleted much of the borough from Acton in the east to Hanwell in the west – and received a huge response in return. Many of you have volunteered to join our campaign – a big thank you to all who have signed up to help, especially our tireless leafleters.

We have also built our website and established ourselves on social media, with an ever-increasing number of followers. Do follow us on facebook, and on twitter, at @ealing_wakeup. Two local MPs are up to speed with our campaign, and very supportive – Rupa Huq (Ealing Central & Acton) and Ruth Cadbury (Brentford & Isleworth). We will have an election soon – so do ask your local candidates to pledge to fight Heathrow Expansion.

At Brentford Festival with MPs Rupa Huq & Ruth Cadbury

We canvassed at Heathrow’s consultation events in Ealing and Brentford. A big thank you to everyone who stopped to talk with us, almost all of whom were resolutely opposed to any further expansion. Our feedback suggests that large numbers of Ealing residents have completed the consultation – thank you to all who took time to do this.

The local press has picked up on our campaign. You can read what Ealing Today has to say about us here and Ealing Times here.

Wakeup Ealing will continue to grow in strength, and will especially continue to object to any proposed flightpath changes. Do keep an eye on our social media for more information on how we develop our campaign over the coming months.

More widely, Heathrow’s finances and the cost of expansion are raising concern – with the Civil Aviation Authority, the Dept of Transport and the airlines all worried. There is also further legal challenge to the airport’s plans in October this year. If planning permission is granted next year, this will also be subject to intense legal challenge.

Attitudes to aviation are also changing as the public becomes increasingly aware of the impact flying has on our environment, and its carbon emissions in particular. It is not clear how Heathrow’s expansion can co-exist with the UK’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The review of HS2 shows that big budget projects are not immune to challenge and cancellation. We must not lose heart.

Thank you again to the many of you who have contributed to the campaign so far. We will all continue to oppose Heathrow’s expansion plans, especially changes to flight paths. By doing so, we will keep Ealing and Acton the peaceful neighbourhood we all value today.

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