Consultation Comments & Feedback

You have one last opportunity here to comment on any expansion issue that concerns you.

We suggest that you state unambiguously that you object most strongly to any expansion of Heathrow whether by a third runway or additional flights, and that you also object to any alteration of flight paths over Ealing.

You may also wish to clarify that nothing you have said should be construed as support for Heathrow’s proposals.

Other issues which you may also feel strongly about, but which are not covered in the consultation include:

  • the danger of flying ever-increasing numbers of planes over a built-up conurbation
  • major traffic disruption to the M25, A4 and other local roads
  • the continuing imbalance of investment into the south east at the expense of other regions
  • the use of Heathrow for cargo when this could easily be brought through other airports

You may also wish to point out that it is wholly unreasonable to be asked to comment on Heathrow’s proposals without knowing the details of any additions or changes to flight paths associated with airport expansion.


So, in your own words, highlight:

  • that you object to any and all expansion of Heathrow airport
  • that you object to any additional or changed flight paths, especially over Ealing
  • that nothing you have said is supportive of Heathrow’s plans
  • that you cannot comment further without knowing details of flight paths

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