Consultation Runway Alternation

The section on Runway Alternation here proposes a rather complicated alternation scheme that rotates over four days, with two different configurations each day. To complicate things further, a mirror image scheme called Reflective Alternation applies when easterly take-offs change to westerlies and vice versa. The consultation seems mainly concerned with whether runway alternation should take place at 2pm or 3pm.

If you live in the very south of Ealing borough, then you may be directly affected by this scheme, and so may have some specific observations to make. Otherwise, we strongly suggest that you say that you cannot comment without knowing details of flight paths and how the runway alternation proposal will affect these flight paths in your own local area.

Also, it seems that the following section on Directional Preference here proposes the replacement of westerly preference by managed preference but fails to provide an opportunity to comment. If you live in the middle or west of the borough you will be affected by noise from take-offs some 30% of the time. Heathrow proposes increasing this to 50% if it wishes. We suggest that you object strongly to this in the section on Runway Alternation if you feel this change will affect you. You may also wish to object to not having been invited to comment on this change.


In summary, we suggest that you point out in your own words:

  • that you cannot comment on runway alternation without knowing flight path details
  • that you are surprised that the decision on directional preference is not part of this formal consultation, as it is pertinent to the planning process
  • that you express your own choice on westerly / managed preference
  • that you express a preference for alternation at either 2pm or 3pm if that is important to you

Click here to comment on Heathrow’s plans for Runway Alternation.