Heathrow Airport Ltd – Statutory Consultation

If you oppose Heathrow’s expansion, then you really must fill in their consultation and tell them so. The consultation itself is vast and complicated, but we have picked out the issues that are key for our area – and added some navigation to make it easier for you to comment.

We have tried to keep our advice as short as possible – but there’s still a lot to say. If you’re short of time, each section contains a set of bullet points as a summary.

If you’re very short of time, please at least object to Early Growth – the early introduction of new flight paths is not receiving the same level of attention as the third runway itself, but will still have huge impact in West London.

You should give your own opinions, and in your own words. Nevertheless, we have highlighted some of the key concerns on each issue for you to consider. Please make sure that you complete the Comments and feedback section as this is a good place to state your opposition to Heathrow’s plans.

When you know what you want to say, click on our links to take you to the consultation itself, and complete it as you wish. You needn’t complete them all if don’t wish.

Do use unambiguous language to prevent Heathrow interpreting your comments in its own favour – so, “I object most strongly…” or “it is most important that…”

We have provided advice on the following consultation topics:

Public Transport

Runway Alternation

Night Flights

Early Growth

Environmental Introduction

Air Quality


Comments and feedback

We strongly recommend that you read our section on Comments and feedback here, and that you also complete this section in the consultation.

If you think we’ve missed anything, feel free to contact us here, or email us here.